The purpose of this project is to understand how a community-based carbon credit could be implemented through the use of social capital. As such, it is a practical exploration into the relationship between classical economics, technology and an interaction design approach.

The project consists of two parts. Part one analyzes the existing credit model, and how it fails to relate to human behaviour on 3 fundamental levels. These levels include issues of measurement standards, proximity of credits generated and the human condition in relation to the carbon economic model. The second part proposes the implementation of a carbon credit system scaled to the community level. 

Inspired by Dr. Robert Putnam’s research into the decline of civc and social organizations, the interaction design implements Bridging and Bonding of social capital, to supplement a personal credit framework within a community context. The proposal consists of an online platform as a means to cultivate community data, and an augmented reality application providing information generated online into the physical community. The potential of online data digitally placed into the physical environment, creates a new opportunity for civic engadement through the use of social capital. download project PDF

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