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It’s hard to find significant flaws in his game and he has been doing amazing things at the linebacker position for Boston College. He’s a fantastic linebacker and is easily the most NFL ready linebacker that is eligible for the draft this year. He is only a junior so while he is absolutely ready for the jump to the next level it’s not a sure thing that he will leave early. However, the Eagles should be praying that he does [url=]Pink Ramses Barden Giants Jersey[/url] because he is the perfect solution for their middle linebacker position. He’s a top 10 lock in my opinion because he is going to test off the charts in interviews and while he might not [url=]Cardinals Jay Feely Pink Jersey[/url] be an elite athlete with freakish ability he is very arguably the best tackler in the entire country and is as fundamentally sound and reliable as any linebacker prospect in the nation. The Eagles need a player like him in the middle of their defense as bad as anyone, and getting the chance to pick him 9 overall would be a godsend for their franchise.3. St. Louis Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State:1. Indianapolis Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford:Analysis: It’s clear to everyone just how valuable Peyton Manning was to the Colts now. He’s practically an MVP candidate and he hasn’t even played a game. The Colts have since [url=]Nike LaMarr Woodley Black Jersey[/url] fired their defensive coordinator and while it’s arguable the Colts could use defensive upgrades there is no one in the draft that warrants a selection of Andrew Luck. Some people think that the Colts can’t have Luck and Manning on the same roster, but I disagree. Luck may be NFL ready, but you can’t convince me that he would be better off playing as a rookie instead of sitting for a year and learning from Manning. Learning from a MVP and a Super Bowl champion your first year on the job will only make you better.5. Carolina Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa:6. Miami Matt Barkley, QB, Southern Cal:7. Washington Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor:Analysis: The Cardinals have huge needs along the offensive line but particularly at left tackle. They haven’t been able to adequately fill that position for years, and Levi Brown has not been holding up well at all. He has been flat out abused at times this year, and they don’t have an adequate replacement on the roster right now. I personally am not sold on Jonathan Martin being a quality left tackle yet as I think he might be a more ideal fit at right tackle, but I do think he will be drafted quite high because of his potential projection to the blind side.Mike Adams (Ohio State) was the star of the offensive line today. He had a great showing at the weighin when he measured in at 6’7″, 323 pounds with just under 34 inch arms, and his good day continued at practice. He consistently used his length and athleticism to his advantage and I didn’t see him get beat once in pass protection. He did get bullrushed a bit once, and could stand to get stronger in the lower body (one reason I worry about him if he tried to move to right tackle) but he looked like a left tackle all practice today. Mike Brewster (Ohio State) didn’t impress me as much, though I wasn’t very high on him coming into practice. He looks like a 3rd or 4th round center to me, and I question his ability to anchor when beaten initially. He’s got a solid build, but he just hasn’t lived up to the 2nd round hype that he was getting for a long time at the beginning of the season. Kelechi Osemele (Iowa State) showed some ability in the run [url=]Womens Derrick Morgan Navy Jersey[/url] game today using his elite combination of size, strength and length to engulf defenders and even pancake one of them in the run game. However, the play after he pancaked a defender in the run game at right tackle he got beat off the edge by a speed rush and didn’t even get his hands on the defender. I thought he might be able to stick at right tackle, and there’s still a chance of that, but he will need to do a lot better than that against speed to remain on the outside. And, as expected, Kevin Zeitler (Wisconsin) had a good day today. He’s not as flashy as some of the other offensive line prospects here but he is the best guard on either roster in my opinion. He may not have the insane upside of Kelechi Osemele or Cordy Glenn, but he looked good in drills today and can hold his own 1 on 1 against defensive tackles. He will rise this week. I’ll have notes on them the rest of the week though.Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska) didn’t have a great day as he struggled to keep up with the faster receivers. The most troubling play was when Marvin McNutt got behind him in man coverage on a deep route down the seam. He doesn’t look like he has fluid hips, and struggled to turn and run with receivers downfield today. 1st round corners should not be getting beat deep by receivers that might run a 4.6 in the 40 yard dash, and his lack of recovery speed was pretty evident on that play. I think that Dennard’s upside is highest when he is able to be physical at the line of scrimmage and when he is defending [url=]Gold Ziggy Hood Jersey[/url] slower, bigger receivers. He frustrated Alshon Jeffrey but he couldn’t keep up with TJ Graham. I feel similarly about Leonard Johnson (Iowa State). He was good against Justin Blackmon and Marvin McNutt on film, but TJ Graham created separation despite his impressive ability to mirror routes in man coverage (at least when I saw him today). I think he might struggle with the speed demon receivers, [url=]Red David Wilson Giants Jersey[/url] and matches up better with possession type players. Jamell Fleming (Oklahoma) didn’t look great to me as he struggled to close quickly on curl [url=]Pink Brandon LaFell Kids Jersey[/url] routes a couple of times. I’ve seen him close on tape though and he’s looked good in man coverage [url=]Women’s Leonard Hankerson Elite White Jersey[/url] on tape to me as well, so I expect him to have better days than he had today later on in the week. Hilton, Texas A Thomas Mayo, Tom Melton, Travis Benjmain, Virginia Tech, Washington, Western Michigan, Wide Receiver Rankings, WisconsinOne player I was interested to see was Brian Quick (Appalachian State) but he didn’t impress me too [url=]Black Jimmy Graham Saints Jersey[/url] much today. He looked a bit leggy when he was running routes and while he looked smooth at times he had three drops today that hit him right in the hands. He has ability, and he likely had some first day jitters now that he was called up to the big leagues, but it wasn’t a great first impression. He did have a very nice catch on a deep ball from Cousins where he showed some ability to adjust to a poorly thrown ball, track it through the air and catch it cleanly. DeVier Posey (Ohio State) also had positive flashes like Quick did, but as is customary he dropped a number of balls. It was either three or four that he dropped on the day, but either way scouts definitely noticed. It’s easy to love his athleticism because he [url=]Lions Joique Bell Game Jersey[/url] has explosiveness and burst, ran good routes in 1 on 1′s today and flashes the ability to catch the ball outside of his frame too. But too many times he lets the ball hit him right in the hands and fall incomplete. He’s got upside, but if he can’t catch the ball it’s worth nothing. I think it’s a mixture of not having great hands and having concentration issues to be honest with you, but that’s still not reassuring.2. Minnesota Matt Kalil, [url=]Limited Major Wright Youth Jersey[/url] OT, Southern Cal:Analysis: The Vikings made a bold and, in my opinion, a great move releasing Bryant McKinnie. Leslie Frazier put his foot down by making it clear that even a quality LT will get cut if he shows up out of shape and isn’t ready to contribute to the team. However, that didn’t work out that well for the Vikings this year as Charlie Johnson has not been a worthwhile replacement in any sense of [url=]Greg Jennings Kids Jersey[/url] the word. He’s been consistently beaten as he’s tried to protect McNabb’s and Ponder’s blind side this year. LT is as big a need as any of the Vikings many needs, and it would be very easy to fix should Kalil declare for the draft this year. He’s the best left tackle in the country, and don’t forget that he was talented enough to keep an eventual top 10 pick in Tyron Smith at right tackle as a junior for the Trojans. Kalil has the potential to start at left tackle from day one, and that makes him very appealing to a team like the Vikings.Analysis: The Rams have been assembling some pieces on offense in recent years. I’m not sold on Sam Bradford yet, but he is clearly the quarterback of the future for the Rams. With Steven Jackson continuing to play well, Lance Kendricks coming on board in the 2nd round last year, and by acquiring Brandon Lloyd at the trade deadline the Rams have made surrounding Bradford with some weapons a priority. Lloyd is a quality target, but getting him a true 1 target with plenty of upside is something they still need to do. That is where Blackmon comes in. Blackmon is my 1 WR [url=]Authentic Andy Dalton White Jersey[/url] in this draft class, he has very good hands (though he does have concentration lapses at times resulting in drops), fantastic body control and he is very hard to tackle once he has the ball in his hands. He’s the top receiver in this class, and the Rams must only evaluate his character to determine whether he will continue to improve and if he will stay out of trouble once he gets his first NFL paycheck.It was a pretty easy day for the receivers today, but I think the guy that stuck out most to me was TJ Graham (North Carolina State). He clearly has 4.4 speed (could run as fast as a 4.35 in my opinion) and his explosiveness and burst was on full display today. He created separation nearly every time I watched him run a route and he caught the ball cleanly every single rep I saw of him. He has the potential to be a HUGE riser this week, [url=]Brandon Graham Mens Jersey[/url] especially if he plays like this every day of practice. Obviously this was just one day, but this definitely showed the upside Graham has as a receiver. Don’t forget he’s also a valuable return man. Marvin Jones (California) also had a good day. He was able to beat Alfonzo Dennard a couple times in 1 on 1 drills and caught the ball cleanly every time I saw him. He’s got above average hands and he’s definitely draftable in the 5th round range, but he could help himself this week. On tape he doesn’t look like much more than a complementary receiver to me and having Keenan Allen opposite him really helped, but he’s a solid, draftable player. Marvin McNutt (Iowa) struggled to create consistent separation today and I have a feeling that may be a theme of the week. He doesn’t look natural as a route runner and while the effort is there he just doesn’t have the speed. As one scout said “He’s moving his arms and hustling, but he’s not going anywhere.” His stock has been in decline all year, and he’s looking like a receiver who is going to get graded in the 5th7th range for sure to me.Analysis: The Jaguars have had a good defense this year and they really need offensive help, but one spot they could use help at is cornerback. Looking at the players available at this point I think Claiborne warrants the pick here more than any of them. Matt Barkley might have a higher grade, but with Blaine Gabbert on the roster I don’t think they will even consider a quarterback this early. Some will disagree with that based on Gabbert’s struggles this year, but he shouldn’t have been playing yet anyways. He needed a year to learn on the bench and he didn’t get it, and as a result the Jaguars have risked stunting his development. Claiborne is ready to come in and play right away and he is easily the most impressive cornerback in the country. He has very fluid hips, he turns and runs well, he has very good speed, he’s very athletic, and he has fantastic ball skills and return ability once he has the ball in his hands. He’s a playmaker at corner with great size, long arms and good instincts. It really speaks to [url=]Rian Lindell Youth Jersey[/url] LSU’s talent in the secondary that they may have a first round pick from their defensive backfield three years in a row if Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu are drafted in round one in 2012 and 2013.Alshon JeffreyAnalysis: The Panthers could use another wide receiver here and they have serious needs on defense, particularly at defensive tackle. However, Jeff Otah has not been particularly impressive when I’ve watched him and he has had serious durability issues since being drafted by the Panthers. Jordan Gross has been a mainstay on the Panthers offensive line for years but he is 31 years old now. He won’t be around forever, and drafting an eventual replacement for him as well as a player who could replace Otah at right tackle should he continue to struggle with injuries. Reiff might not be ready to start at LT right away, but he definitely has NFL LT ability.Michael Egnew (Missouri) looked like the more impressive tight end in this group, but it was really only between him and Brian Linthicum (Michigan State) because Emil Igwenagu (Massachusetts), as expected, was taking snaps as a fullback. He was at the EastWest Shrine Game last week and while he didn’t really impress me, he got snaps at fullback and I expected the same to hold true this week. Egnew looked smooth running routes, caught the ball cleanly each time I saw him and I have to say I was very impressed that he was up to 251 pounds. He’s been working, and I think it will help his stock. Linthicum didn’t look bad as [url=]Youth Chris Harris Limited Orange Team Color Jersey[/url] a receiver, but he didn’t look good. He dropped a pass or two and doesn’t look as smooth or as natural running routes as Egnew does.Analysis: Washington could go any variety of ways here, but quarterback is one of their most pressing needs. Rex Grossman and John Beck are not long term solutions by any means, and Robert Griffin has been one of the most impressive players, not just quarterbacks, in the entire country this season. He’s very mobile and his passing has developed vastly every year that he has been at Baylor and his athleticism would be utilized brilliantly by Mike Shanahan and his offense. He’s got as much upside as any quarterback in this class thanks to his passing ability and his athleticism, he just has to be developed appropriately. It’s a tricky thing to do, but Shanahan might be the man for the job.No quarterback really separated himself today in my opinion, but Kirk Cousins (Michigan State) looked solid as far as arm strength and accuracy. A couple of his deep balls wobbled a bit and two of them weren’t thrown to the correct shoulder that I saw, but it’s the first day and the QB’s and WR’s have no chemistry together yet. Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) struggled a bit and threw a number of passes that were either behind his intended receiver or they were not in stride so they had to slow down. Again, it comes down to a lack of chemistry, but he had his flashes. I think Wilson has the [url=]Elite Chris Clemons Youth Jersey[/url] strongest arm of the group, but it’s not a very strongarmed group of quarterbacks. Kellen Moore (Boise State) looks like he is in for a bit of a tough week. His arm strength is very average and while he threw a few nice balls today I just don’t think he has the arm to be a starter. You can overcome a lot of things with football IQ and intangibles but that lack of arm strength will limit him and any offense that chooses to make him their starter.9. Philadelphia Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College:4. Jacksonville Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU:Analysis: Miami may end up trading up from this spot to [url=]Elite Stephen Tulloch Jersey[/url] assure themselves a shot at Barkley should he actually declare. I think he will after the fantastic season he’s had, but there is a possibility that he [url=]White Chris Long Limited Jersey[/url] could come back and attempt to lead USC to a BCS bowl game. However, if he does come out he is definitely NFL ready as a result of his three years of experience starting in a pro style offense at USC. He is a NFL ready quarterback that could play day one much like Luck if necessary. Ideally he wouldn’t because I believe that quarterbacks should be developed patiently, but that’s just my opinion. Miami hasn’t had a legitimate quarterback since Marino, so hopefully Barkley can break that trend. Again, don’t rule out Miami moving up on draft day if they are in a similar position as they are in this mock to go up and get the quarterback they want.

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  166. Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz and wowed the crowds with explosive performances, with also picking up Favourite Pop-Rock Female Artist.We're used to seeing lovely perform under the international spotlight. But now new footage of the star has surfaced, revealing the moment she stepped on stage for the very first time. The British beauty was performing at the Hackney Empire at the tender age of 13, when the video was originally filmed. The baby-faced star took to the stage for a shaky rendition of Celine Dion's classic, My Heart Will Go On, at the Lady D under 18s talent show. And performed so well on the night, she even went on to take home the winner's title in the contest.After making her mark on the X Factor, chose to hold her very first concert at the Empire theatre in her home borough. And now we know why! WATCH Leona's stage debut here… What are your thoughts on premiere performance? Let us know in the comments box below. Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found Yes, that’s Shirley Jones bearing gifts… Or she’s a Partridge in a pear tree, perhaps? At the risk of sending you into a panic by saying this… “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!” I know, I know… it’s not even Thanksgiving quite yet, but it is Thanksgiving Week, so in addition to shopping around for a big roasty bird, fresh cranberries and tons of wine and hooch for the big feasting day, it’s time you also started thinking about your holiday gift-buying plans. (Oh, like you haven’t already…)Starting today and running all this week, we’ll be offering up some good gift ideas here at NewNowNext, with it all culminating this Friday when the entire day’s worth of posts will be a slew of cool things to buy. This’ll correspond to a big promo stunt on Logo that’ll have me on-air (yikes!) with experts telling you cool things to buy in all kinds of categories, like foodie items, cool travel gear, “green” gifts, gadgets for you techie friends, hot design gifts, and so on!Right now, I’m gonna start off by giving you a quick list of hot music picks to give this holiday season. You can get all (or most of these) at the Logo store, or just find them where you can… There’s bound to be something here for just about everybody!Yes, our very own “gay messiah” has his blissfully barmy concert tribute to Judy Garland hitting record-sellers on December 4th. It’s a two-disc extravaganza full of this fabulously orchestrated renditions of all the standards Judy herself served up at her legendary gig way back when. The CD is full of Wainwright’s cool and daffy gay onstage banter, too. A mega-must for fans.And you might also wanna snatch up the of Rufus’ “Judy” concert, out on December 4th, too. It’s got the subtle title of Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does Judy! Judy! Judy! Live at the London Palladium. And it’s just that…Many more musical gift goodies after the jump…The soundtrack from the new film about Bob Dylan by gay director Todd Haynes is pretty awesome. The movie has a gaggle of different actors (Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett for starters) playing Dylan, and similarly the soundtrack has a massive assortment of today’s best and most eclectic musicians covering his tunes. Cat Power, The Hold Steady, Eddie Vedder, Los Lobos, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Antony & The Johnsons, Willie Nelson, Sufjan Stevens… The amazing list goes on. Any music-phile will die for this one.Luther Vandross was a modern soul legend. And sure, we may never get the official skinny on was-he-or-wasn’t-he gay, but I think we all can make our own decisions on that one. But nonetheless, the man was a master at delivering uplifting, heartfelt and sometimes downright slamming R&B gems that still get you swooning today. Love, Luther is this fall’s hot box set compiling the best of the best, and it comes in a handsome case and with a 58-page book, too! Simply, it’s “never too much,” okay?The loopy skinny French-Canadian diva with the voice that can sink (or raise, I’m not sure) the Titanic is back with a just-released full-on studio pop album. It’s Ms. D at her full-throated best, with tunes that including paint-peeling ballads and driving pop/rock (she even covers Heart’s “Alone”). You know there’s somebody on your list who liiives for her. Give ’em a treat and get them the CD/DVD full of bonus stuff. Brava! & Jonsi and his Icelandic pals are back with still more of their blissfully inventive, orchestral rock that they do so well. This time out, they’re giving a two-disc serving of music—“Hvarf” is a five-song EP of long, sprawling tracks and the second disc “Heim” is a collection of acoustic tunes from their back catalogue. As a companion, pick up the DVD, Heima, which is a documentary film following the boys as they tour around Iceland playing the music on their new double-discs. Clever, eh?She’s just Mary, and she’s just fabulous, too. The queen of hip-hop/soul has a solid single out now with “Just Fine” and you can bet the entire Growing Pains album is gonna be more thumping fierceness, full of major Mary ballads, jams and emotional, aural outpourings. It’s out on December 18th, just in time for some hella good “ho ho ho.”“He vas… He vas… my boyfriend!!!!!” Frau Blucher (this time around played by Andrea Martin, who does a pretty fab job, fyi) and the entire gang of Mel Brooks misfit have reassembled onstage for the just-opened new Broadway musical. Is it the next Producers? Hard to say for sure… But with big, new and improved takes on the “Puttin’ on the Ritz” number and a killer cast featuring the likes of Roger Bart, Sutton Foster and the beyond amazing Megan Mullally, this is a total must for the theater queen on your list. “Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I foooouuunnd yoooouuuuu!!!” You get the idea…Attend the tale of Sweeney all of you Broadway babes, Sondheim junkies, Tim Burton fans, Johnny Depp groupies, and all-around movie freaks. Alas, the movie won’t feature Patti Lupone sporting a hot goth bob and toting around a tuba, but you can bet it’s gonna be a trippy, dark and deliciously twisted ride. And Johnny Depp in a musical. Yes, please! You have to wait until December 18th (the film premieres on Dec. 21st), but by that time, you’ll be ready for some operatically drama-filled musical darkness to counter those cloying visions of sugar plums that have been dancing ’round your egg-nog filled noggin.The English-born,Wales-raised singer’s new greatest hits disc may be the perfect gift for your best bud who just loves those sensitive, hard-scrabble singer/songwriter types. And there’s nobody better at than David Gray. This collections delivers tunes from Gray’s great White Ladder album (including “Babylon,” “Please Forgive Me” and the brilliant “This Year’s Love”), as well as less-heard earlier gems. And there are two new songs, too! Maybe it’s time for a “Gray Christmas?”Speaking of musical Davids, the biggest of all has gotta be David Bowie. And devout fans are gonna be giddy of the release of the “David Bowie Box” (on December 4th) which is a commemorative assemblage of Bowie’s five most recent studio albums, including 60+ bonus tracks and all coming in a cool limited edition slipcase. Yep, it’s a lot of Bowie… And speaking of Bowie and the holidays, I can’t resist posting this video, which is one of the bets holiday-themed TV moments ever… Hot Swedes: Kristoffer Ragnstam, Jens Lekman, JohnossiIf you wanna look very cool and indie/Euro this holiday season, give your more astute friends music they may not have heard of. Right now Sweden is an insanely fertile ground for hot rock/pop talent, and while most of know about The Hives, Peter Bjorn and John and even pop tartlet Robyn by this time, here are three you should get to know. – He’s totally cute, and his music treads a pop/rock line, somewhere between Supergrass, Beck and Bloc Party. – Blissfully melodic and oddball tunes, full of delicate longing and kooky wit. A much less gloomy, more bubbly Magnetic Fields. – Two cute young Swedes who rock out with a big sound, White Stripes-style.And finally…Let’s wrap this up with a bona fide diva! Yes, Kylie’s latest, the much-awaited, X, is out soon as an import. Splurge and buy this one for yourself.So, I made it to last night for the concert. Which was great, and most of all… It was just fun. Rufus seemed to be having a blast onstage, the crowd (which seemed a pretty balanced mix of older Judy-philes and Rufus fans of all ages: Gay men from ages 25-65; straight couples; showbiz/music notables; downtown hipsters who could afford it; theater-loving women; and savvy NYC culture vultures) was there to adore the entire enterprise from the get-go, and they did. Standing ovations abounded, starting when Rufus first walked out on stage (loved the white Viktor & Rolf suit) and following every one of the “big” Judy songs (a la “The Man That Got Away”).At times (and noticeably about the time that Rufus got to song #8—“Puttin’ on the Ritz”) you felt like you were watching someone run a triathlon—a very gay, musical triathlon—but Rufus held his own, with fun stories and his obvious affection for the material, and given the effusive, supportive spirit of the audience there was no way he wouldn’t succeed. (as noted by ) sort of nailed one aspect of the show. writes: “What unfolded onstage was a tour de force of politically empowering performance art in which a proudly gay male performer paid homage to the original and longest-running gay icon in the crowded pantheon of pop divas.” And further: “For those who came to worship, Mr. Wainwright could do no wrong. His courage to stand as a surrogate for every audience member who ever gazed into the mirror and fantasized slipping into Dorothy’s ruby slippers spoke for itself.”Exactly. That was the fun, shared enthusiasm which was tangible in the hall. But Rufus also just wowed us with the power of his own pipes, which when he just cuts loose and sings, achieved a crystalline gorgeousness. So, now I’m just gonna hit upon my basic, random notes from the night.The Songs (my faves, anyway)“Do It Again” – This was the third song and totally let you know you were in for some real musicianship. Arranged as a sultry cool burn, Rufus owned it. It was sexy and swanky.“How Long Has This Been Going On” – Another foxy, slow-burner. I guess I loved Rufus most when things slowed down and you could enjoy the richness of the orchestra, and when Rufus could breathe and really infuse a song with his own intensity. This was one of those.“The Man That Got Away” – A total home run! Of course, the audience was ready to jump up applauding as soon as this one began, but Rufus got well into the whole, needy, chugging drama of it (no shocker there). And it’s such an amazing song… A win-win situation for all involved.“San Francisco” – My favorite perhaps? (Yep, I’m that gay.) Rufus totally enjoyed this one, majorly. He even explained for the crowd (who I’m sure didn’t need much of a tutorial) about the Jeanette MacDonald references in the song’s intro. The he sang, and pranced grandly around the stage and owned it. The line about “a real gone bridge” may be one of my favorites turns of phrase in music. Rufus’s performance of this number was a total tribute to (and renovation of) traditional gay culture. Yee-haw!“A Foggy Day in London” – This was just simple, moving and sweet. “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” – Big and fun! Typical of all the big, bouncy Judy favorites, this one rattled through the house happily.“The Trolley Song” – Rufus was having a ball with this one. Such a fun tune about meeting a cute boy… And impossible to hear and not imagine young Judy in the film “Meet Me in St. Louis.” And Rufus drove that jolly trolley all the way home. This was some totally gay fun.“Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody” – I’ve never cared for this song, but Rufus and the orchestra seemed to bring out the brassy, gutsy fun of it. Indeed, this was one of the tunes where Rufus seemed unconcerned about tip-toeing in the shadow of Judy. He grabbed this one by the balls and aggressively sang it and turned it out. Bravo!“Over the Rainbow” – Rufus’ mom, Kate McGarrigle (folk legend) came out and played piano on this one. And evidently, Rufus and Mom have performed this song since he was a toddler. In fact, Rufus explained that back when his parents would have all-night parties, his mother would come and get him out of bed at 3am, and make him come downstairs and sing the song for party guests, as a way of getting them to go home. As he told this anecdote, his mother, seated at the piano seemed wryly bemused. She cracked: “And look where it got you.” Well put, Mom. This was a lovely, heartfelt rendition, delived with Rufus sitting on the edge of the stage. Beautiful.Encores: “Put On a Happy Face” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye” – Both were lovely and fun. When he started into “Forget your troubles, come on get happy…” I was hoping that maybe Barbra Streisand would stroll out and duet with him (a la the famous duet medley between Streisand and Garland from the 1960s). No such luck. But these were charming, and the simple, sparse rendition of “Every Time We Say Goodbye” (performed with ma Kate back on piano) was a delicate and touching finale.Other NotesA big bonus of the night was being reminded how strong all of these standards (which we’re all familiar with perhaps too much) are as musical pieces. Hearing them cranked out in a big, acoustically flawless hall by a full orchestra was a total treat. There’s some seriously good music in there.Costumes – I loved all the fun, dramatic garb that Viktor & Rolf schemed up. Rufus’ sleek black tux and top hat were perfect for “That’s Entertainment,” which opened up the second act. And then having him doff the hat, jacket and tie and belt out the rest of the show in his black vest and shirtsleeves just worked. Mom Kate McGarrigle – When she hit the stage in her swinging, shiny gold pantsuit with a sheen-y white blouse, fully made-up with her hair glamorously slicked back, it was fierce. “I feel like Celine Dion,” she cracked, which Rufus and the crowd loved. And I always enjoy the onstage dynamic between Kate and Rufus. She’s always a bit stern, and almost slightly disapproving of him, but in a charmingly, curmudgeonly, comical way. But by the end, after they played the final encore, she was visibly teary and beaming at Rufus. So sweet.Martha Wainwright – Rufus had his sister come out and sing the tune “Stormy Weather.” Whoa! She tore the roof off, and the crowd freakin’ loved it. First, where did she get all that big, long blonde hair? And that champagne-colored, shiny dress? I loved it. The whole look was very Claudia at La Mirage on Dynasty. But Martha’s wildly loopy and unabashedly histrionic and dramatic delivery of “Stormy Weather” was a fun, guttural contrast to Rufus’ more conscious, effete delivery of much of the material. She was a blast of primal and hormonally fueled fresh air.Lorna Luft – Fun to see her pop out and duet with Rufus. She certainly seemed happy to be there. But is it shady for me to have wished it had been Liza?Celeb-spotting: Tons of fancy and fun New York gays, of course. Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman (of Kiki & Herb); cabaret crooner Jack Donahue; NY State Attorney General hopeful Sean Patrick Maloney; Sarah Jessica Parker; Talking Head David Byrne; Laurie Anderson; playwrights Jeff Whitty and Tony Kushner: John Waters; B-52 Fred Schneider; Kristin Johnston; Joel Grey; Patricia Field; Antony; Norah Jones (I think); actor John Benjamin Hickey. Stories and Chatter: Rufus, as always, was totally engaging in his story-telling on stage. From the beginning with his “We’re not in Kansas anymore…” quip, he related tales of his own Judy devotion and the ordeal of preparing for this concert. The audience learned that as a kid, Rufus used to love to play Wizard of Oz. On good days, he’d put on mom’s apron and be Dorothy, with his little stuffed lamb toy as Toto. On bad days, he’d be the Wicked Witch of the West, and line up his mothers high heels, slip into her dresses and practice “melting” repeatedly. He also told tales of Judy fanatics (including a former drummer from her 1961 Carnegie Hall gig) who’ve approached him, and he gave frequent props to the orchestra and musical director Stephen Oremus, who supported him.Again, my final analysis was that the night was a big, musical love-in. But it wasn’t a cornball evening of kitsch or self-congratulatory camp at all. More than anything, it was a celebration of two artists. Judy Garland was recognized as a performer with a huge heart, amazing precision, stamina and exuberance—and also of an indestructible cultural relevance and worthiness. Her rather encouraging presence loomed large and benignly over the entire evening. And for Rufus Wainwright, the concert was a triumph whereby he moves up a notch in the cultural radar, buoyed by his own talents and ambition and courage for undertaking such a task. Here’s a gay man who’s up for renovating our perceived notions of corny, traditional queer culture. By an artist of Rufus’ caliber tackling the Garland songbook, the idea of this being done for kitsch’s sake evaporates in a second, and the enterprise soars due to the raw talents of all of its elements. And in so doing, Rufus demonstrates how we can celebrate the strengths and merits and loopy theatrics of our past, while simultaneously taking it all a step forward. Sure, the cult of Judy and showtunes are a gay cultural touchstone, but the music and its power and the unadulterated wealth of talent backing it up is indisputable and much bigger than any rainbow-tinted cliché.Gorgeous!Will there be any surprises at this year’s ? Not so sure – I feel like it would be hard to top this year’s VMAs in pure-entertainment value. But, of course I’ll be watching – look who’s going to be there: The show already confirmed that Daughtry, Celine Dion, Fergie and Rihanna as performers for the night. Amazing!The committee announced its yesterday as well; Beyonce, J.T., Daughtry and Linkin Park all earned the most (three nominations each).Jimmy Kimmel will host the ceremony, which will air November 18…and I actually didn’t know this: The AMAs get their nominees based on record sales, and then they narrow thise down based on national sampling. Hmm…Check the for the full-list of nominees…after the jump!Pop/Rock: Male artist:Akon, Timbaland, Justin TimberlakeFemale artist: Beyonce, Fergie, Avril LavigneBand, duo or group:Linkin Park, Maroon 5, NicklebackAlbum: “Daughtry” (Daughtry), “Minutes To Midnight” (Linkin Park), “FutureSex/LoveSounds” (Justin Timberlake)Country:Male artist:Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Brad PaisleyFemale artist:Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Carrie UnderwoodBand, duo or group:Big & Rich, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal FlattsAlbum:“Let It Go” (Tim McGraw), “Me And My Gang” (Rascal Flatts), “Some Hearts” (Carrie Underwood) Soul/Rhythm & Blues:Male artist:Akon, Ne-Yo, T-PainFemale artist:Beyonce, Fantasia, RihannaAlbum:“B’Day” (Beyonce), “Double Up” (R. Kelly), “FutureSex/Love Sounds” (Justin Timberlake)Rap/Hip Hop:Male artist:Fabolous, T.I., Young JeezyBand, duo or group:Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Pretty Ricky, Shop BoyzAlbum:“Strength & Loyalty” (Bones Thugs-N-Harmony), “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” (T.I.), “The Inspiration” (Young Jeezy)Adult Contemporary:Artist:Daughtry, Norah Jones, John MayerAlternative:Artist:Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, the White StripesLatin:Artist:Daddy Yankee, Juan Luis Guerra y 440, Jennifer LopezContemporary Inspirational:Artist:Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, tobyMacSoundtracks:Album: “Dreamgirls,” “Hairspray,” “High School Musical 2”Breakthrough: New artist:Daughtry, Plain White T’s, Robin ThickeAnnie Lennox’s album won’t be out until October 2, but you can listen to the new single right here: "."Songs of Mass Destruction will mark Annie’s fourth solo album; one of the 12 tracks, a feminist anthem called "Sing," will feature contributions from 23 different female musicians, including Celine Dion, Melissa Etheridge, Madonna, Fergie, Shakira, Beth Gibbons, Faith Hill, Angelique Kidjo, Beverley Knight, Gladys Knight, KD lang, Sarah McLachlan, Pink, Joss Stone and KT Tunstall…just to name a few.That’s so nuts! I am more than impressed, Annie.The black suit Rachel has on in this scene, is a perfect example of “Broadcast Journalism Lady Fierceness”™Whether they’re trying to balance love and career, reporting and sensationalism, or a stack of papers and a venti coffee (extra black), broadcast journalism movie ladies have brought us fast-paced entertainment for years. These women know what’s important. They’re willing to risk it all for a big story. When that camera is rolling and America is watching, they know it’s go big or pack up those shoulder pads, and go home.With the DVD release of today, it only seemed appropriate to take a look back at the memorable movie characters who have SERVED us the news honey over the last 30 years or so. So finish up that chapter in , resolve that lingering tension with your co-anchor, and give your cab driver directions to get home extra fast, because we’ve got a show to do. [CUE THEME MUSIC]This James L. Brooks film may be the standard bearer by which all broadcast journalism lady films can be measured. Holly Hunter plays Jane Craig, a network news producer based in Washington who LOVES the news. I’m talking, power-walking-every-morning-to-buy-seven-newspapers loves the news. She eventually becomes caught in a love triangle between William Hurt and Albert Brooks, two male reporters on her newscast. The best things about this movie is Joan Cusack’s hair while she’s running, a cameo by Jack Nicholson, and Holly Hunter constantly bursting into tears. Oh, and it’s one of the best romantic comedies ever. I BURIED THE LEDE.QUESTION: What would you do if you were an upstart news reporter and your first boss was Robert Redford? ANSWER: You would use him to further your serious news career while simultaneously falling in love with him. That’s basically what Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Tally Atwater, does in Up Close and Personal. This movie is basically A Star Is Born in a news room. Way too much of the movie is set in a prison during an inmate riot, but other than that it’s pretty good. Up Close and Personal also has the added plus of including that Celine Dion song “Because You Loved Me.” Broadcast Journalism ladies + easy listening soft rock = a match made in pantsuit heaven. Now whenever you hear this song you can think of Robert Redford singing it to you while you’re sporting an early ‘90s bob.Wow. Is this Nicole Kidman’s best film or is it? In broadcast journalism lady movies, if you desperately want to break into the industry it either means you are “inspirational” or a “ruthless, conniving slut.” Nicole Kidman’s Suzanne Stone in this film, is definitely the latter. Suzanne DESPERATELY wants to be a world famous news anchor. When her husband asks her to take some time off from a local weather girl job to focus on their family, she does what any career-minded girl would do, she gets rid of him. Suzanne eventually gets what’s coming to her in the end, but not before that chasing her broadcast television dreams until the very last frame. THAT’S dedication.The on-the-scene reporting continues after the break. How’s my hair holding up?Bridget Jones is undeniably one of the best movie characters of all time. From her self-deprecating humor to her constant uphill battles with life, she constantly inspires. Who hasn’t had one of those nights where all you can do is smoke a couple fags, drink an entire bottle of wine, and listen to a Celine Dion album. (Fact: Broadcast journalism ladies love Celine Dion almost as much as they love shoulder length haircuts.) When Bridget quits her job after a messy break-up with her boss, she finds redemption (well, kind of) as a television journalist. With the help of Colin Firth, she scores a big interview and climbs her way to the top. I think I need to start keeping a diary.Sarah Jessica Parker plays unlucky talk show host Natalie Lake in this darkly comedic parody of science fiction B movies directed by Tim Burton. After Martians arrive on Earth promising they come in peace, they start pretty much murdering everything in sight. This is much more entertaining than the prison riot scene in Up Close and Personal. Unfortunately, poor Natalie gets stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time while reporting at one of the alien landings. She gets abducted, and her head is switched with her pet Chihuahua. Hey, no one said broadcast journalism was easy, did they? [See Above: No. They Didn’t.]Uploaded by . – Is Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers the best character in the entire Scream franchise? If not, she definitely ranks pretty high. Gale is a tabloid reporter who has a long history with the protagonist of the films, Sidney Prescott, after accusing her of lying about her mother’s death. Throughout the horror series, she manages to both report on the murders while also saving others and avoiding being killed herself. Multitasking is very important for a career in broadcast journalism. Also, who could forget Parker Posey playing an actress playing Gale in Scream 3. “What are you doing?? BEING GALE WEATHERS” and “My agent liked that” are lines that anyone can easily, and should, work into every day conversation. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens to Gale in .Uploaded by . – The 1976 film Network is a biting satire of network news, and its never-ending quest for higher ratings. When news anchor Howard Beale has a breakdown on air, the television channel’s executives decide to keep him in front of the camera and the station’s ratings soar. One of the executives who make this decision is Diana Christensen played by Faye Dunaway. The only thing more cutthroat then Faye Dunaway in this movie, are Faye Dunaway’s blouses in this movie. This is a Programming Executive who knows how to fit some 1970s tailoring into her busy decision-making news days, ok? Dunaway won an Academy Award for her performance in this film, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. “Is That Clear?”One of the funniest movies of the last 20 years, Drop Dead Gorgeous is about a beauty pageant in the small town of Mount Rose, Minnesota, and the lengths that one of the contestants’ mother (played by Kirstie Alley) and her daughter will go to win. The innocent counterpoint to their ruthlessness is Amber Atkins, a beautician at the local funeral home who just wants to follow the example of her role model, Diane Sawyer. Through a series of events, Amber is able finally land a job on a local Minneapolis-St. Paul television station, and the loveable Kirsten Dunst gets the happy ending she deserves. You betcha.Uploaded by . – This “film that launched a thousand catch phrases” stars Will Ferrell as a news anchor in the 1970s threatened by a new female colleague. That colleague is Christina Applegate, who knows how to WORK some bell-bottoms. In addition, she has one of the best broadcast journalism lady names ever: Veronica Corningstone. Per usual, Veronica gets a bit carried away by her unquenchable thirst to read a teleprompter while being filmed, but luckily it all works out in the end.Uploaded by . – Which bring us to Morning Glory. This adorable film was released last year, and features Rachel McAdams as Becky Fuller, a television news producer who just really loves producing. Like, it gives her as much fulfillment as her crackberry addiction and running in heels. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton play a pair of anchors who struggle to get along on the air and off. In fact, this movie incorporates themes from many past Broadcast Journalism Lady Movies. Becky has Holly Hunter’s love of news in Broadcast News, goes through a career rebound similar to Bridget Jones, and oversees a newscast makeover like in Network. However, Morning Glory has something none of these movies have. That thing is Patrick Wilson.Remember them? Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda might actually make it to the multiplex. Word has it that “substantial negotiations” have begun between to finally get their sh*t together and ! Of course, I’m still waiting for the big-screen smash, “The Golden Girls Movie: Shady Pines or Bust!”A poster at the opening of Prince’s new 3121 club in Vegas last night. Wear your diamonds and pearls, yo! isn’t just a nebulously named, hard-to-pin-down musical genius. He’s also a clubowner and restaurateur. Turns out the purple powerhouse has at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Vegas. And, Prince himself will at the club on Friday and Saturday nights. And… There’s a restaurant, too. Take that Celine! Shakira and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Strange hotel bedfellows?Perhaps not to be outdone, (how those two got together, I’ll never know) have formed a joint business venture, in the Bahamas for $16 million, and are and selling off prime seaside property. Okaaayyy…Sing out, Kate! Pete Doherty—he’ll take a pass on.The late Johnny Cash: Still crankin’ out videos!Speaking of Kate Moss, she and just about (mostly music biz stars, like Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop, Sharon Stone, Bono, Dixie Chicks, Johnny Depp and on and on) , “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”Young Love: You’re gonna hear from him!And thanks to an early nod from (from a week or so back, actually), here’s a head’s up about , whose tune “Discotech” is ripping up the NYC club kingdom. YL is basically the musical moniker for Dan Keyes, who serves up zingy, rocking dancey music that (to quote Arjan, who put it pretty aptly) suggests Franz Ferdinand meets Justin Timberlake. You’ll also hear echoes of The Killers, which is no big surprise as the same record honchos at Island are guiding YL’s release, due in January 2007. (In fact, check the pic of Dan and Brandon below. They’re like, BFF’s!) Listen to YL’s tune and dig up more dish and . And watch Logos’ and catch the “Discotech” video. Flowers & Love: They go so nicely together…Yes, this did happen – and yes, Canadian kooky makes it everything you could possibly imagine; she even tries to beat box! On her CBS special, "That’s Just The Woman in Me," Celine brought on stage to perform his remixed version of her track "Eyes On Me."The remix is actually really good; I kind of wish Celine would stop lip-synching, though. And I can’t decide which moment is more wondrously awkward: Celine shaking her skeleton hips while telling to keep "his eyes on her" or Celine escorting off stage because he has a broken foot!Watch the video after the jump…Beyonce as Aida? It’s as "Easy as Life." Hillary gets some female fan action. And Mariah’s next movie is, like, totally good. Hurrah! might star in ! Are theater folks fussy that Heather Headley might get dissed? Whattya think?Yay! A Why wasn’t this voted as Hill’s official song? Celine who?Evidently, ’s next flick Tennessee is, like, totally . Which would be amaaaaazing. I thought she should have won for that catfight with herself in the ladies room in the “Heartbreaker” video. Bitch was robbed!AND…Ummm, there’s a lot going on with . MTV will help you sort it out.Poor just keeps getting . It’s enough to drive a gal to drink. Er, wait a minute…Remember that from a few weeks back? So does queer porn company Dark Alley Media. They’re planning . Har! oft-nipped-and-tucked lead singer today in Britain. Awwww… How can that not be nice news? Congrats!. No, not the movie, sillies. Time to play "Where’s Wintour?" courtesy of Radar’s Fashion Week Anna Wintour stalkers.- After three years of retirement, Cher is snatching up Celine Dion’s Las Vegas throne.- Amy Winehouse won’t be performing – or attempting to perform – at the Grammies ‘cause we Americans rejected her app for a visa.- Charlize Theron sat between two Harvard students in drag for their ‘Hasty Pudding’ Parade. They just gave her some dumb, brass pot!– The sultry Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley is hard at work on her second solo album.- Gawker posted a very gay (and booty-baring) ad; they also want your “modern gay lover” stories!-The new Get Smart trailer is online! Lovin’ 99’s hair! – A 16-year-old boy planned to crash a plane into a Hannah Montana concert. – Lo Bosworth – a.k.a. the best thing about Laguna Beach – will move in with L.C. and Audrina for The Hills’ new season! Let’s hope she flashes "her Britney" again! – Queen Latifah, Jake Gyllenhaal and Celine Dion are among a few celebrities to wish Ellen a Happy 50 with “I Will Survive” karaoke. – Peter Pan-ified Tina Fey, Gisele Bundchen and Mikhail Baryshnikov are the latest subjects in Annie Leibowitz’s weird Disney photo shoots.- Courtney Love, all cleaned up and arriving at the Oscars in 1997.Today’s highlighted diva in the running for is… Just mentioning her name can send people into gushy odes of rock goddess worship, or vitriolic diatribes about what a malevolent, destructive force she’s been. She’s been called “the second-most famous rock widow of all-time (after Yoko Ono)”—that nugget appears in an awesome cover story in just out now—and along the way, the former Mrs. Kurt Cobain has been a movie star, a red-carpet tornado, an alleged drug-addled mess, and a constant media fascination. Not to mention a mom. And even today we have in the press that “the girl with the most cake” has just for the latest issue of the British magazine, . Hey… Once a diva, always a diva.The “Queen of Rock ‘N’ Roll?”Frankly, I think Love’s a rock survivor. And I’d say that ’s album stands up as one of the best rock records of the 1990s (and that’s given some formidable company). Say what you will about Ms. Love, she’s nothing if not direct, candid, fearless (even if sometimes a bit of hesitancy might serve her well) and outspoken. The current story in reveals that she’s also funny, smart and back in the game with some big new projects coming your way. Courtney on the cover of the current issue of V Magazine.And inside the current issue of V.She’s just released a scrapbook/diary tome, , which the U.K.Guardian newspaper called “a hugely pictorial collection of personal artefacts – school reports, scribbled notes, bits of actual diary, letters, photographs (many of them featuring Courtney in various stages of casual disrobement), song lyrics and tons of other ephemera – that she has, apparently, stuffed into what must be a particularly roomy handbag.”Love, with Woody Harrelson, as Althea and Larry Flynt in 1996′s The People Vs. Larry Flynt. Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain, earlier this year. And with Josh Groban and Celine Dion (say what?) backstage at the World Music Awards in 2004. They’re watching Whitney Houston perform. Whoa!Love’s next record is due on the spring, and it comes with songwriting and producing work courtesy of Billy Corgan and Linda Perry. Perry herself recently hailed the virtues and talents of Love when she pronounced publicly: Perry told . “Damn it all to hell. She is the last one.”Love, as her Hole iconic self in the “Doll Parts” video.Feeling Courtney? Go her classic Hole track, and see if she’s worth your . If you don’t, I may just send Courtney over herself, and you’ll have to deal with her.To check out other to watch and upon, go I chose as today’s diva (whom you can vote for in ), because it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful that she’s splitting up with her husband Bobby Brown. Not that I even know truly what the dynamic might be between those two, but I welcome anything that might help put Whitney back on course to reclaiming (if that’s even possible) her place as one of the world’s best voices and most sparkling pop divas.I mean, it was a long time ago, but I remember Whitney back during her and days. She was so elegant and squeaky clean, she made Celine Dion look street. I don’t know where along the way she got derailed, with all the rumors about her drug abuse, and her bizarre behavior, and jittery interviews where she crows “Crack is whack!” It’s rather hard to reconcile that early, seemingly innocent Whitney with the older, broken figure that we’ve seen in recent years.Whitney serves up “The Greatest Love of All.” Shiny!Whitney wants to dance with somebody. Hopefully, somebody who likes BIG hair.But like I said, I’m thankful that she seems to be taking her life in a new direction. Because she does have (if it’s still there) one of the best singing instruments around. And when she’s on it, Whitney nails “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl in 1991.The video showing as part of the is her And it’s nuts! That crazy jewelry, that intense choker necklace thing, the jagged hair, and that crowd of sisters who are over dealing with their no-count men—it’s brilliant. (As is the infamous Thunderpuss remix of that song, which will forever be a gay dance floor anthem.)So forget about the awful, base spectacle of Being Bobby Brown. Think clean and shiny from The Preacher’s Wife. Think Think of the Whitney who scored 7 consecutive #1 hits (matching records by The Beatles and the Bee Gees). If you must, think of the Whitney how had a record-breaking stint in the #1 spot with her cover of Dolly Parton’s That song is a pop cliche now, but she nailed it. Whitney, with Bobby visiting Israel. (Okaayyyyy…) And last month with Clive Davis, looking good again. Things can only get better.Vote for , and if you’re feeling it. And Happy Thanksgiving! See you Monday!And I am telling you, I am soooo going to see the minute it gets released this December. In the meantime, the lucky suckers in Cannes got a chance to peek at the film today. There was a special “preview” of the movie, with the stars in attendance, including , , director , and our fave American Idol veteran (pictured above), who gets to play big, beautiful, bodacious Effie—and who gets to sing the musical’s mega-song “And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going)” made famous by the .Sure, Beyonce showed up looking all skinny and cute, but we’re f-ing lovin’ Effie!Meanwhile, in Vegas, met the press to announce plans for her . Watch out Celine! Scooch over Elton! Toni’s gonna get And gay super-director ’s latest, —which stars two of his regulars, and — today, too. It’s a comedy/ghost story/serious drama—of sorts. And it’s all about powerful women. Hurrah! And it was met with at film’s end. Bravo and stuff!Um, and somewhere in Berlin, Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry posed in front of a wall covered with logos in German. And yep, that’s kind of the entire news story there… Can anyone tell me which X-Men the little dog on the left is? Is there an X-Man called Poochy, perhaps?Speaking of drama queens, former New Jersey Governor and “Gay American” is going . Ya think she’s gonna read him to filth?Rejoice! It’s time for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, one of the strangest, most amusing and campiest European traditions around. Begun in 1956, Eurovision was meant to broker peace, unity and uh, joy among members of the European Broadcasting Union. Over the years, the contest has helped discover some major musical talent — like Abba! and Celine Dion! — but it’s also just an amazing over-the-top show, filled with spectacle and showmanship and amazingly bad pop songs. And absolutely no irony.How It Works: Each country submits one musical act to represent it. Fans then vote for their favorites over a series of rounds. Right now, we’re in the semifinals. The Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Russia. Russia’s entry is Buranoskiye Babushki, a team of six grandmas who sang “Party for Everybody.”Yes, there is no rhyme or reason to who or what gets submitted to Eurovision — or who wins. A few years ago, Finnish rock band Lordi took home top honors. This is what they look like:Some of it is earnest. A lot of it is not. Making a return trip to Eurovision this year, representing Ireland, are creepy, plucky twins Jedward. Here they are in their semi-final alien silver suits. These guys are the living, breathing embodiment of annoying.Then there’s these spunky kids from Moldova, Pasha Parfeny. I always associated Moldova with crushing poverty and human trafficking but that’s all changing now!Sadly, one contestant who’s already out of the semifinals is Austria’s terribly named Trackshittaz, whose track Woki Mit Deim Pop was apparently about shaking your ass. Here they are. Auf Wiedersehn!All photos courtesy Getty Images. Lindsey isn’t a very good singer. Nor is she a particularly bad singer. That, and a typical weakness for attention from strangers, is what makes her at her happiest while performing karaoke. Ever since she discovered that belting Tammy Wynette and 4 Non Blondes in front of crowds substituted perfectly for therapy, she’s been pressuring her friends to listen to her sing weekly at a plethora of karaoke bars across NYC. Meanwhile, while not singing, she’s developed very strong opinions about what constitutes the proper etiquette of karaoke–everything from song choice to mic-handling technique. Her opinions (while regarded trustworthy by some of the greatest karaoke’ers in town) are her own, so feel free to disregard. After all, if you’re just dying to sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” you’ll probably just go ahead and sing it. Send your karaoke questions for Lindsey to karaokeconfessional AT’s the modest and appropriate response when someone compliments you on your ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PERFORMANCE of a song you have been performing at karaoke for 10 years? –AmyYour grinning “thank you” will suffice, and so will the suggestion that the complimenter buy you a drink (or another song). Congrats on your perfection, Amy.Speaking of…I love karaoke, but I feel dumb doing it because… I have a pretty good singing voice? And I feel dumb suggesting it as a group activity because I feel like people are thinking “oh, of COURSE she wants to do karaoke because she is good at singing.” You may be wondering, how good actually is this letter writer’s singing voice? Does she just think she’s really good but really no one else does or gives a hoot? So, for the purposes of this letter, I will tell you that one time I won amateur night at the Apollo. –AlisonYou guys are really good singers, apparently, because I got three (3) versions of this exact question. Well Alison, (also: Amy (above) and Sadia, who both asked similar questions) first of all: congratulations on your beautiful singing voice. No sarcasm intended, as I am truly jealous of your naturally graceful vocal cords. Secondly, when I karaoke and a good singer steps up to the plate, for me it is truly a magical experience. Not only can they redeem the night, but they also can redeem karaoke ITSELF for those dragged to the bar by friends. Who knows, your performance might turn a karaoke-hater into a karaoke-lover (or even a karaoke-doer!) Trust me, it’s your own egotistical (sorry!) self-consciousness that’s making you worried about others’ perceptions. All you’ll receive are compliments.Again, a good karaoke singer is likely to get cheers, which makes them feel great and feeling great doing karaoke is the bottom line. Stage presence makes up for a less-than-perfect singers, and you’ve already got the voice. You won’t even have to work as hard as the rest of us.One thing I will request of you gifted singers: please choose songs that are challenging to you and stay away from the ones I sing to properly disguise my less-than-gifted voice. Hey man, I need them! Belt yourself some and step awayyyyy from my Fleetwood Mac. And on that thought, good singers: ABSOLUTELY NO MUSICALS. I don’t care how good of a singer you are. Ace the vocal runs in “Halo” like I know you can. Again: No musicals.I need to work up a new song in honor of my friend’s bachelor party. Thinking No Mercy’s “Where Do You Go”? Literally my only other karaoke is Roy Orbison’s “I Drove All Night”, which often leads to me trying to guess how far to transpose the Celine version so I don’t have to scream (Spoiler: I have a 20% success rate in this matter). If you have any good ideas for fail-proof songs that I can awkwardly sing to my friend, I would appreciate it! P.S. I am male, and can sing medium-well. –TimAh, karaoke bachelor(ette) parties. The only kind, in my opinion. Unless you can get strippers to sing karaoke OR karaoke singers to strip while they sing. (Please call me if you can provide either of those services.) Since you’ve opened this door wide open for me, can I suggest a strategy that works (almost) every time? If you’re a dude, sing a song originally sung by a woman. It’s that simple. When a dude sings a song originally sung by a woman, in my past experiences, it brings the house down. My friend Steven does a version of ’s “I Kissed A Girl” that brings tears to my eyes.And now that you have double the options (and a medium-well singing voice!), I have some suggestions for you. Songs of adoration that will go over so well with your flawless gender switcheroo, I promise: Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” (listen to Lyle!), Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”, Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There”, Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”, Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”, Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On.” All beautiful love songs for your BFF groom-to-be.And if all else fails, go with Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.”Last Week: is a writer living in Brooklyn. Her karaoke bar of choice is Montero’s Bar & Grill and she limits herself to singing “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes only once a month. You can . Send your karaoke questions for Lindsey to karaokeconfessional AT NY Times called , a.k.a. music project Final Fantasy, "The World’s Most Popular Gay Postmodern Harpsichord Nerd." Mmm – dreamy. Well, Owen certainly up-ed the gay factor when he ‘s "The Power of Love" at a release party for an anti-Celine book called, Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste. Ouch. No comment on the Celine-hatred; I know he loved it, and the video’s totally adorable. Before singing, Owen even admits he considered performing an a capella "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" in a dress. Aw!More on Final Fantasy after the jump – and a fellow gay, indie musician!Owen posing with fellow gay music-y, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear. Who knew they hung out?I can’t embed the clip of Owen doing his violin , but follow that link to watch the video. And check out his video for the single "He Poos Clouds" below, if he’s caught your interest.He is intriguing; I’ll have to revisit him soon. But how about a little background on the gay singer from Ontario? Well, first off, he got the name for his act from the Japanese video game series, comparing his musical stylings to the whole concept. He’s said… "I like the idea of it, this big gay thing. … The games are ridiculously overwrought and convoluted emotionally."Very true, Owen. I love that he’s a gay-mer. As far as music, Owen has toured with and arranged for Arcade Fire and later, along with his friend, Leon Taheny, released his debut album, Has A Good Home. He followed up with an EP called Young Canadian Mothers. Owen has said Canadian, German and French music journalists – not surprisingly – love his music, but added the "impatient ears" of the U.S. and U.K. aren’t as enthusiastic. Fair enough; but I’m really feeling "." I guess he does know his Final Fantasy. Having gone solo, Owen released the LP in 2006. Check out the video for the album’s title track below; there are some cool animated, fantasy sequences – along with the cute, violin-playing Owen himself. These sequences actually remind me more of Shadow of the Colossus than of Final Fantasy – but OK, nobody played that…Mariah Carey rubs it on thick this week.Insiders commonly remark that pop superstar is among the most down to earth of that perpetually otherworldly creature, the celebrity. True to her reputation, Mimi will continue to exude a pleasant aroma tomorrow, when she debuts her sweet new fragrance, , with a daylong spritz of prime media opportunities. On Tuesday, October 23, Carey is scheduled to flaunt her scent of a woman with morning appearances on NBC’s The Today Show and ABC’s The View, and in the afternoon at in New York City, where she will officially launch M by Mariah Carey. There, despite her benevolent reputation, only customers who signed on early to purchase the fragrance sets at varying levels of VIP (make that “very important perfume”) status will be treated to meetings, autographs and photos with the diva. Based on its own description, Carey’s eau de parfum, designed by Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong, sounds like a better than average first date:“M by Mariah Carey opens with an indulgent, creamy accord and blooms into an opulent floral heart as a rich base reveals darker, sensual facets.”Fans also spray generally positive comments in this . Carey joins the seemingly who have released fragrances, including musical heavyweights like Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion. Christine Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani. However, if it seems like her mild perfume is taking a concentrated step on Madonna’s turf by using the initial, M, just wait until February. has it that both Mimi and Madge could be releasing competitive new albums around that time. Smells like trouble.Looooove the yellow Bardot hair, and the retro light fixture accessory. Madness and joy! Gaga! were the usual bonkers parade of uninspired awardees and kooky/WTF onstage moments, like any good award show should be. opened the show (see below), Taylor Swift duetted with Stevie Nicks (and Ms. Swift’s vocals were very train wrecky; Stevie should have given her a booty bump pre-show), , mashed up with “If I Were a Boy” and proved to be a flawless machine (as always), and Celine Dion’s knobby knees came at you in 3D. Sort of like Roberta Flack’s face.Taylor Swift won a buttload of trophies, and Beyonce and Gaga scored some too. Just read the to get schooled. I’m just gonna post a lot of pics and offer comments. But nothing’s better than . That’s really all you need to see. also served up . Bless!After the jump see freaky pics, and watch a bit of Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks and Beyonce performing.Here’s a snippet of Beyonkers raging with “You Oughtta Know”:And now some pics…Yikes! Adam Lambert is serving us red-carpet Oompah-Loompah skin tones with Liberace realness. Tone it down, gurl!Oh, HELL no! Who is this bossy backstage power-bottom PR handler-woman all up in Beyonce’s bizness? That pointy finger is shrieking “To the left, TO THE LEFT” at Sasha Fierce. Maybe she thinks she’s talking to Solange???Aaahhhhh, look at Brit-Brit sitting all demurely in the audience. It’s kinda sweet. And sad. She looks nice and sane, but I miss crazy Britney.I practically exploded when I realized that Taylor Swift (who I sort of really like) and Stevie Nicks (who I utterly worship) were going to do a duet. Then Miss Taylor sort of barfed her way through “Rhiannon” totally off-key. Tragic. The gals sounded better (and Stevie rocked her tambourine) on “You Belong With Me” but I fear it was too late for redemption. Oy.Watch a teensy bit of this mess below.My best friend Leslie says she’s just being Gaga…Gaga, clearly NOT “Speechless” cuz I can hear her crotch from here!I’m guessing this isn’t the first time Elton John has had big, black, gloved hands jutting upwards in his general vicinity. Gaga is clearly amused.P!nk is leaking all over the stage. Er… ewwwwww.I don’t care who knows it: Joe Jonas, boring as he may be, is totally doing it for me in those glasses. Grrrrroooowwwwlllllll!!!!!Even overrated Ke$ha is all like, “WTF??? Who is this little elfin girl-child onstage next to me?” This is some kind of weird baby-sitting gig gone very wrong.Glee’s Lea Michele is looking so hot even Ricky Martin is turned on. Except that he’s not. Because… Well, you know why. Ahem.Okay, I know Roberta Flack is a total legend. But I’m sorry… She’s looking like Mrs. Garrett meets that big orange stone-man creature from the Fantastic Four. She is killing me, and she is NOT doing it softly.Say what you want about batty, bonkers, skinny Celine Dion, but bless her heart, she always commits to whatever she’s doing. She is truly FEELING this lame 3D Michael Jackson tribute number. Attagirl, CeCe.And then there’s Beyonce, who’s gorgeous even when you can’t see her.Annnnnndd… We’re out.– Grace Chu from American Idol is getting a fourth judge — the smart, capable and sexy songwriter, artist and business owner Kara DioGuardi."Kara who?" you ask. Her name may not ring a bell, but unless you have been living in a cave or are one of those people who proclaim themselves to be too "enlightened" for Top 40 music, you have definitely heard her work on the radio. Her work includes Kelly Clarkston‘s "Walk Away," Christina Aguilera‘s "Ain’t No Other Man," Gwen Stefani‘s "Rich Girl," The Pussycat Dolls‘ "Beep," Ashlee Simpson‘s "Pieces of Me," Nick Lachey‘s "What’s Left of Me" and many others.In fact, it looks like an artist cannot be considered part of pop music royalty unless he or she has collaborated with Kara DioGuardi. From her :Kara’s songs have been recorded by Grammy award-winning artists such as … Santana, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Marc Anthony and Pink. Scores of major recording artists including Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Jewel, Jonas Brothers… Hannah Montana, Natasha Bedingfield, Puddle of Mudd, Theory of a Deadman, Daddy Yankee, Ashley Tisdale, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, Clay Aiken, Jesse McCartney, Backstreet Boys… Hilary Duff, Cheetah Girls 3, Camp Rock, Jessica Simpson… have recorded and released Kara’s songs. DioGuardi has achieved equal success internationally with hit singles for artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Anastacia, Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue, Diego, Belinda, RBD, Eros Ramazzotti, Delta Goodrem, Darius, Thalia and Martine McCutcheon.DioGuardi also co-owns the music publishing powerhouse Arthouse Entertainment."We are turning the heat up on Idol this year and are thrilled to welcome Kara to the judges’ table," said creator and executive producer Simon Fuller. "She is a smart, sassy lady, and one of America’s most successful songwriters. We know she will bring a new level of energy and excitement to the show."Turning up the heat indeed. In addition to being creative and business-savvy, she is a looker.Meanwhile, Paula Abdul, a mere few hours after the announcement, gave an uncharacteristically lukewarm about the new judge: "I am concerned about the audience and acceptance," said Abdul. Usually, Paula is forthcoming with mostly incoherent compliments, but compliments nonetheless. Don’t worry, Paula. You still have a niche carved out for yourself. For example, I doubt DioGuardi will ever come up with crazy gems like this:Paula, you will always be special. And don’t you forget it!The new season of Idol begins in January.You like them, Canadians! You really like them! The Canadian Academy announced their music picks yesterday, and took the lead with six nominations – two of which were for her albums D’Elles and Taking Chances.Avril Lavigne and Michael Buble came in second with five nominations each; and of course, Feist is in there somewhere. Not sure what Fergie Ferg’s doing, though! The show will air in April.Check out the full list of nominees after the jump…JUNO FAN CHOICE AWARDAvril LavigneCeline DionClaude DuboisMichael BubleNelly FurtadoSINGLE OF THE YEAR"Girlfriend," Avril Lavigne"1234," Feist"Paralyzer," Finger Eleven"Seven Day Fool," Jully Black"Everything," Michael BubleINTERNATIONAL ALBUM OF THE YEARLost Highway, Bon JoviThe Dutchess, FergieNoel, Josh GrobanGood Girl Gone Bad, RihannaTimbaland Presents Shock Value, TimbalandALBUM OF THE YEARThe Best Damn Thing, Avril LavigneD’Elles, Celine DionTaking Chances, Celine DionThe Reminder, FeistCall Me Irresponsible, Michael BubleARTIST OF THE YEARAvril LavigneCeline DionFeistMichael BublePascale PicardGROUP OF THE YEARArcade FireBlue RodeoFinger ElevenHedleyKainNEW ARTIST OF THE YEARBellyJeremy FisherJustin NozukaSerena RyderSuzie McNeilNEW GROUP OF THE YEARDragonetteFaber DriveillScarletState of ShockWintersleepALTERNATIVE ALBUM OF THE YEARNeon Bible, Arcade FireLP, Holy FuckClose to Paradise, Patrick WatsonThe Con, Tegan and SaraWelcome to the Night Sky, WintersleepFor the moment, I can tentatively—tentatively— forgive Ke$ha’s new single.It’s called “Die Yong,” and it was just released today. If you haven’t heard it, it sounds like this…And… um… it’s okay. It sounds exactly like a Ke$ha song (except for the opening few seconds, which sound exactly like the opening of  “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida. .)And that’s fine. Ke$ha songs are good. They mix club beats and a shitty attitude with rap-singing and a whole mess of AutoTune. They’re a little rebellious, a little robotic, and catchy as hell.I can’t be mad at “Die Young” for being all of those things.But here’s the thing: For months and months, we’ve been promised that Ke$ha’s new album is going to sound different than her previous material. Apparently, , which suggests a transition to straight-up rock music. That could be interesting, and more importantly, it could suggest that Ke$ha has a real artistic personality and isn’t just a slave to the sound that made her famous.She needs to break away from that sound pretty quickly, since it’s already getting stale. When One Direction’s new song—the similarly titled ““—sounds like a Ke$ha track, with its thumping party chorus and snotty posturing, and when Jessie J and Cher Lloyd are both making careers as Ke$ha 2, then it’s time to change or become irrelevant. If Ke$ha stays in her current lane, she’ll get trapped in her moment, and when pop music inevitably takes a new path, she’ll get left behind. Everyone will just associate her with 2011 and assume she has no future. (Celine Dion and Boyz II Men couldn’t stop making power ballads, and look what happened to them when the 90s went away.)That’s why it’s a bummer that “Die Young” sounds like a typical Ke$ha song. Why does anyone need to listen to it, if they’ve already got “Tik Tok” or “We R Who We R” on their iPods? Why buy the third version of a song you’ve already bought twice?However,  maybe Ke$ha’s label thinks her fans want a gentle intro to the new sound. Maybe “Die Young” is just the comforting appetizer before the surprising main course. If it is, then I can forgive it. But if it’s just the first wave in an ocean of “same old Ke$ha,” then I’ll know it was the song that started the end of her career.—Previously:Mark Blankenship didn’t realize how much he was looking forward to this song until he was disappointed by it. He tweets as @IAmBlankenshipNot only did the NRJs (the French Grammies, kind of) award gay icon their "NRJ Award of Honor" – presented it to her! I’m not implying anything, but I’m almost overloaded. … and guess which CD won "Best International Album of the Year." … Britney’s Blackout. Seriously! I love it!The award show – in Cannes, France – had some standout performances as well: Kylie rocked "In My Arms;" Mika performed "Relax;" Rihanna did "Don’t Stop the Music;" and Celine sang "Taking Chances." Gay, gay and more gay!You know I’ve got them all for you … including Mika presenting to Kylie … after the jump!So you’ve got to watch Kylie perform "In My Arms" in her futuristic, collared mini-dress; but almost more importantly, watch Mika give her the award at the end of the clip. It’s in French … "Kee-lee Minooogue!"I don’t speak French very well anymore, but if you’re curious, I’m pretty sure Mika just asks Kylie if she can understand him, to which she replies, ‘almost everything;’ he then lists her achievements in music for the past 20 years, praising her record sales and her ability to reinvent herself. But how funny is Kylie? She’s more excited to meet Mika than he is to meet her; she totally wants him to be her BF!And this one is Mika performing "Relax;" his booty-shaking is pretty damn awkward, but I still like him. That song must not be easy to sing, either; he’s so talented!And here’s Rihanna performing "Don’t Stop the Music" – my favorite track. Rihanna’s new hair looks totally hot, but no comment on her outfit. OK, a little one: It manages to be both heinous and boring. What happened?And finally: the wonders of Celine. … But, is she lip-synching? It can’t be… Kylie, after landing in Tokyo yesterday; and onstage in London for her last Aphrodite UK gig.After two months of nonstop shows, just wrapped the UK & European legs of her glamapaloozaAphrodite/Les Folies tour last week. But there’s no rest for the lovely diva, as she just yesterday to prep for her Japan dates this weekend. (Nope, no fearful Japan cancellations for Kylie. This showgirl must go on!) And while in Tokyo, Ms. Minogue added her celebrity oomph to fundraising efforts for.Then, after shows in Japan Sat-Mon, she heads to North America for her (sponsored by Logo), with a gig in Montreal on Thurs (4/28) and then she’ll roll in to Boston next Friday (4/29) for the first of 13 U.S. shows.Get a teaser of the Kylie glamour heading our way…If , maybe Kylie could have more U.S. dates in her future. Celine was gabbing to the press this week, encouraging younger pop divas like Kylie and to follow the examples of Celine, Cher and Bette Midler and sign on for long-term . Could be cute, right?But first, Minogue is all about spreading her love. Starting next week. Stateside!!!It’s ‘s world; we just live in it. In the last weeks, she’s claimed to be a hermaphrodite, and and delighted audiences in (talking fondly of Israeli men’s endowments — and hummus!), and — move over Kanye — she’s making headlines thanks to yet another high-profile collaboration.Turns out, Yep, the gravelly-voice power ballad champ from the 90s is the latest artist to get some help from the Lady Gaga school of musical madness. Evidently with some music on his forthcoming album, One World One Love, collaborating on the tune Word has it that Gaga helped pen the song, and may be heard singing backup on the track. The new Bolton album is due Sept 21st.Hotness. Now I a

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